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Nexafuels operates under 3 business units.

Biofuels are derived from renewable biological resources such as waste and organic crops, and are used as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels. 

Through strategic partnerships and a robust technical approach, Nexafuels biofuels team attends to demands related to the production of biodiesel and ethanol, which can be used in transportation, power generation, and industrial processes, while benefiting the local community.



Nexafuels ecological waste management team is dedicated to increasing environmental sustainability by producing ethanol from rice husks and other waste products. At Nexafuels, we are familiar with the challenges that come with implementing new technology where infrastructure may be limited. Through strategic partnerships with local schools and training institutions we provide up to date best practices, while investing in infrastructure and automation for the benefit of the local community.

Ecological Waste Management


Our renewable energy services involves providing clean and sustainable energy solutions to companies, reducing reliance on non renewable sources, with a focus on bioenergy for energy production.

Renewable Energy


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About Us

Welcome to Nexafuels, where our mission is to be a pioneering force at the intersection of sustainable solutions and technological innovation. With an unwavering commitment to a greener future, our company stands tall with three distinct pillars: Biofuels, Ecological Waste Management, & Renewable Energy.

At Nexafuels, we bring a wealth of experience to the forefront of the biofuels industry, underpinned by a robust foundation in Brazilian Agricultural Technology, and a focus on implementation in Africa.


Our commitment extends beyond borders, fostering renewable energy practices and elevating environmental standards.

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